Corporate Social Responsibility

A deep commitment to the communities in which we operate has been a core part of UD Group’s heritage from its creation. UD Trading therefore commits to continuing its role in supporting those in need, particularly through cleft pallet programmes that provide vital support to underprivileged children.

UD Trading and its employees are proud to be associated with these two major projects and to be able to provide valuable assistance:

The Cleft Project

The Cleft project in India promoted by the Maaya Foundation has successfully operated on over 7,500 underprivileged children with cleft palates. The team works tirelessly to provide free care for these patients including transportation, hospital accommodation and food. The patients are also entitled to follow up therapy at no cost.

UD Group has supported Maaya Foundation's centre in Mumbai at Navneet Hospital, Dahisar and in Surat at K P Sanghvi Hospital, which have been able to create awareness on cleft and facial deformities. UD Group has aided this project by sponsoring 23 cleft palate surgeries between 2012 and 2013for those that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to fund themselves.

We look forward to supporting this organisation further and building awareness of such charities and important community support.

Aalya Kashim, 2 yrs old from Satara

Face before surgery
Face after surgery

Disha Patil, 1 yrs old from Raigad

Face before surgery
Face after surgery

Children’s Future India

Children’s Future India (CFI) is a secular, non-political, non-profit voluntary organization that is dedicated to improving the welfare of underprivileged children, their families and communities among the tribal, slum and rural populace in India.

UD Group has supported CFI’s education outreach in remote backward villages like BendichiWadi, DungichiWadi, Male Wadi and DhamniKatarWadi in Raigad, Maharashtra through three schools, as has helped to build the capabilities of studies and provide a foundation for future careers. This project also provides services such as regular health check-ups, nutrition to malnourished or underweight children, I.T training and adult education programmes while also developing health and hygieneawareness among communities.

Handing over the donation to Mr Narayan Hegde, Chairman of CFI andDr Kishor Deshmukh, CEO of CFI
Our Chairperson Mrs. Suman Gupta's visit to the village named Dungichi Wadi at Pen.
Visit to the school

Singapore Slammers

  • It is the hub of UD Group’s International Premier Tennis League team the Singapore Slammers
  • Run in conjunction with the Singapore Tennis Association to provide coaches and talent scouting across the heartland tennis courts and communities
  • Working with local community initiatives like Beyond Social Services
  • Invitation for the identified talent to all home games of the Singapore Slammers
  • Coaching for eight young tennis players in 2015 with an aim to reach a number of at least 30 by the end of 2017
  • Official branding of identified talent as Singapore Slammers Juniors
  • Exposure in front of home crowd during Singapore leg of the tournament
  • Working with STA coaches to provide year long support to create a self sustaining program with an eventual goal of partnering with tennis academies (either in Singapore or overseas) to help create the next tennis stars of Singapore
  • Eventual induction of at least one Junior in to the main Singapore Slammers team by 2017, ideally.


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