UD Trading Group

UD Trading Group (“UD Trading”) is a Singapore-based metal trading group formed to consolidate UD Group’s trading assets and bring together its deep heritage and extensive network across the global trading community. It is currently wholly owned by UD Group, through its holding company UD Holdings Limited Dubai.

Through its subsidiary trading businesses in India, Singapore, Switzerland, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Dubai that have had a growing presence in market since 1994, UD Trading provides supply chain solutions to customers across the globe with competitive sourcing power and pricing ability.

Its diversified product portfolio across both ferrous and non-ferrous products, pricing and sourcing flexibility, as well as its long-term relationships and partnerships across the global supply chain give UD Trading a competitive advantage and strong credibility amongst the international metals trading community.

In a business that is based on counterparty trust and confidence, UD Trading is proud of its strong track record and number of business partnerships that have remained in place for many years.

UD Trading has a relationship network that spans the globe importing and exporting to more than 28 countries worldwide, and has physical presence in India, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia through its subsidiary companies.

UIL Singapore

UIL (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“UIL SGP”) was consolidated under UD Trading from Ushdev International Limited (“UIL”) in March 2014.

UIL SGP was originally incorporated in September 2009 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ushdev International Limited, (UIL) and went on to become a key driver of growth for UIL, spearheading the expansion of its footprint outside India. Now under UD Trading, UIL SGP comprises 15 employees that provide supply chain solutions across a broad product portfolio and maintain relationships with suppliers across the globe ensuring they can provide customers with flexible and competitive solutions that meet their supply needs.

UIL SGP was welcomed to the “Global Trader Programme” (GTP) by IE Singapore in 2011, a status that was renewed under a five year programme in 2014. UIL SGP’s participation in this programme demonstrates both its commitment to the market and the region, and its depth and breadth of experience and expertise in trading.

Choosing to base itself in Singapore has enabled UIL SGP to leverage the country’s credentials as a trading hub while benefiting from its access to key growth markets, suppliers and end users as well as the strong local infrastructure.

Ushdev International Ltd., India

Ushdev International Ltd. ("UIL india") is one of the country’s largest metal trading companies and currently the only company in India that trades in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. UIL was incorporated in 1994 and was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange the following year.

UIL India dominates the country’s nickel market, trading nearly 18,000 tonnes in 2013 giving it a nearly 30 percent market share.

UIL Hong Kong Ltd.

UIL Hong Kong Ltd. (“UIL HKG”) commenced its operations in 2010 trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals. , and is currently UD Trading’s gateway to the huge Chinese market that represents a significant opportunity for the business. Majority ownership was transferred from UIL to UD Trading in March 2014.

UD Group went through an internal restructuring. UIL HKG is a subsidiary of UD Trading & Group Holding Pte. Ltd. which holds 84% in UIL HKG.

UIL HKG has grown from two traders in 2010, to more than 15 currently, and has seen revenues grow more than 560% since inception.

UIL Commodities DMCC, Dubai

UIL Commodities DMCC (“UIL DMCC”) was established in 2013 as a ferrous and non-ferrous metals trading entity focusing largely on UIL’s customers across the EMEA region given its strategic location.

UIL DMCC commenced it business operations with trading of metals from June 2013. Presently UIL DMCC trades in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Due to its strategic location, UIL DMCC is able to service customer needs more effectively and efficiently.

UIL Malaysia Ltd.

UIL Malaysia Ltd.("UIL ML") was incorporated in Malaysia,Labuan on the 27th November 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of ud Trading.It is registered under the GIFT programme, managed and supervised by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA). Companies that participate in the GIFT programme will register their companies under the Labuan International Commodity Trading Company (LITC).

UIL ML is a new venture focusing on strengthening South East Asian presence.


UIL (China) Trading Limited was established in Beijing (China) on February 2nd 2016, as a wholly owned subsidiary of UD Trading Group Holding Limited. It is registered with Beijing Industry & Commerce Bureau, focusing Activities in trading of Base Metals& It’s Products, Chemical products, Specialty Chemicals, Steel, Rubber, Coal & Other Raw Material, Ferrous & Non Ferrous Products.

TMT Metals AG

Another wholly owned subsidiary was acquired on in Feb 2016 in Switzerland by UD Trading Group, thereby establishing UD Group’s active presence in European Markets. The Activities of TMT Metals AG include Commodity Trading, Trading in Base Metals, Minor Metals, and Ferro Alloys & Mining.


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